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Livia Gu - Professional Yangtze Cruise Advisor

Livia Gu


Hi every Yangtze River explorer from over the world, this is Livia from China, and glad to have you seen this.

I am fan of all kinds of Natural and Cultural beauty. On my way to travel around, people are nice and kind and always take good care of me which make me see more wonderful virtue over the world. So I want to return it back and take good care of you when you travel in China alone or with family or friends. Anything you need and I can help with, free to ask. I am willing do more for you.

About the tour I arranged, we put more importance about your travel qualities instead of others. So would be very happy to get any feedback from you during your tour. I have been to many places in China we recommended for you, but also want to go more places and be more professional and helpful for you. Hope we can be friends, forever and always ~

Why not take the advantages of Livia's travel experience to design a itinerary just for you, that suits your budget and interests. Her passion to serve you never fades away!

Yangtze Cruise Tips from Livia

  1. When is the best time to have a Yangtze River cruise?

    The "best" depends on which you are more concerned about, weather or price. To most visitors,the bestRed Leaves in Yangtze River Autumnseasons for Yangtze Cruise should be the Spring and Autumn, namely, April to June and September to November when the weather is cool and comfortable, neither cold nor hot.

  2. Which cruise line should I choose?

    There are different cruise lines to cater different customer demands. Cruising between Chongqing and Wuhan on deluxe ships is the most popular for tourists.

  3. Should I take a upstream or downstream cruise?

    Upstream means sailing from lower part of river to the up to the higher part of the river.Less cost, and it usually costs 10%-30% lower than that of downstream and more time onboard for leisure activities, Chinese folk customs, etc. Downstream mean sailing from higher part of the river to the lower part of the river. There is enough time to enjoy the shore excursions because all scenic sites are arranged in the daytime.

  4. How long is the cruise vacartion?

    You cruise vacation duration is decided by the ship and itinerary you have chosen and booked.

  5. Top five cruise ships recommended by our former customers

    Yangtze River Cruise: top five recommended ships including Victoria Jenna, President Prime, Yangtze Explorer, Victoria Sophia & Century Diamond.Book now with great discount!

    See What My Customers Say & See!

    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Livia with Adorable Panda
    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Livia visited Huangshan
    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Livia's enjoyable journey with her friends
    Yangtze Cruise Specialist - Livia
    Livia and her friends at Lugu Lack of Yunnan

    Hi Livia,

    Guide was great! I was very happy. You were a great help to us in arranging the cruise and our guide in Chongqing.


    May 11, 2019

    Hi Livia,

    We took you up on visiting Quanjude for duck. It was really good. We enjoyed the Great Wall.

    It was great. Loved the small group. Just 4 of us. Joanna was very nice and and did a great job. Driver was friendly also.


    Apr 30, 2019

    Hi Livia,

    We finished the cruise on Saturday morning, with a visit of the 3 gorges dam. The cruise was great - the weather was not particularly good, but rain and clouds make for very nice pictures!

    (The following pictures were shared by Linda)

    Peaceful Sunset on Yangtze River

    Beautiful Nightview of Chongqing

    AmericaDec 03, 2018

    Hi Livia,

    I have written my comments below.

    Overall i am satisfied with the arrangement on buying the tickets for us. Especially your service i am rather please. You are responsive and thoughtful to remind us on the timing and the docking berth of the ship on the day of our trip. However the whole trip I rate it as fair partly due to the heavy fog and hazy condition, which we did not see the best of three gorges. I also wrote my comment on TripAdvisor. You can also take a look.

    Yes, I’m willing to recommend your service.

    You are really trusted.

    Yes. I am thinking to travel to Tibet again may be a few years time. Will definitely look for you to see what you can offer.



    SingaporeDec 03, 2018

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